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Residing In Veneta, OR USA
Spouse/Partner Joan Mariner
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Occupation Retired Director of Educational Services for Student Athletes at the University of Oregon
Children Four Vicariously: Kaseja [1961]- two grandsons, Chaz, [1962], Tim, [1965]- three grandsons and three More…great grandchildren, Lyn [1966]- one granddaughter

After five years of teaching in rural Montana, I moved to Eugene, Oregon to go to Grad School. During that process, I was hired as a faculty member to develop and run an academic services sector for student athletes at the University of Oregon. After thirty years of service, I retired and worked part time until June of 2014. I live on a beautiful, small two acre plot of land and share it with wild critters, our two wonderful dogs and my married partner Joan. We have lived here for 17+ years. Healthwise, I have been very fortunate. I blew out my left knee playing soccer in 1983 and after a lengthy recovery was as good as new. Recently, hit a snag with a difficult series of melanoma surgeries and infusions. As for today, I am "cancer-free"- with scans required every 3 months. Hope to read other folks stories here and see many old friends and acquaintances.

School Story

I remember spending my summer before my senior year reading everything on Mr. Nesbit's 'required' reading list- I enjoyed my days at Billings Senior and hope to be able to attend the reunion.

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To those of you who remember my parents:
Mary Ann Morton passed away December 8th at the age of 89. She is survived by her daughter, Twinkle Ann Morton, and her daughter-in-law Joan Mariner, as well as her nieces, Nina Marie Bollman Johnson [Bevin] and Debra Paronto Lyons [Tom], and her nephews Bill Bollman and Dennis Paronto [Robbie McCoy]. Her grandchildren and great grandchildren gave her great happiness in her waning years.
My Valley West Health Care Family does the toughest things I have ever seen, and they make a huge difference in the lives of our too often forgotten elderly. They do it with such ease and compassion. They filled my mother’s last year with love, and I will be forever grateful.
Signature Hospice gave both my mother and I much peace in the ending months. My gratitude extends to all who made this passage easier especially my daughter Kaseja who supported and guided me not only as a member of hospice who knows the sequence, but most of all as a caring supportive spirit. I am grateful to all of you.
To my life partner, Joan, my love and appreciation for the support and acceptance of the path I follow as an only child who is grateful for all the gifts my parents built into my being.
My mother joins my father, her husband of 50 years, who passed away in June of 1997. She was never whole after his death. I gain peace in hoping they are joined again in some way and have become one again. Her wish is to be cremated. There will be a Celebration of both of their lives next summer. Contributions in lieu of flowers can be made to Greenhill Humane Society. Her love of animals lives on forever in me and in others.

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Thank you for all your help in finding Sandy... have a phone number to call now... now taking a deep breath getting ready to call.... so happy to have gotten this far and grateful for your help... thank you all!!!

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Oregon.... I live one hour from the snow and about 45 minutes from the coastline... thought you might enjoy these short videos of Oregon.

This is a collection of my best fire lookout images captured over the years of volunteer maintenance and visitation; the music really expresses the magic of those high-bright days and nights.
Take an awe-inspiring winter odyssey along all 363 miles of Oregon’s public coast where waves thunder onto the shore, crabbing is at its peak, and a rainbow welcomes the calm after the storm.

Learn more about the amazing places in this video:

Read about the video maker’s journey of discovery on the Oregon Coast:

Always exercise caution while exploring the beauty of the Oregon Coast. Find beach safety tips here:

Produced by Uncage the Soul Productions

Original Soundtrack Composition by Peter Bosack Music

Aerial Photography Provided by Aerial Technology International
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A letter to a ‘lost’ friend

I am writing this open letter to all my former classmates in hopes of making contact with someone I lost in 1968. As I wrote earlier, I was told in 2012 that my melanoma odds were five years to live- max. During those hours and days of reflection, I had time to see many things. I had a great childhood and wonderful friends in public school, college, and professional life. I walked a different path than many but strove even then to do no harm. Did I make mistakes? Of course. Do I have regrets? Not many. One of them is losing a dear friend over a misinterpreted comment I made so long ago. Thankfully, my cancer appears to be in remission, but as the doctors love to say, one can only be proactive with melanoma as it can spring up anytime and anywhere. So, with this added time, I would love the chance to explain to her how I remember it- not how someone else may have interpreted it to her.
My friend is Sandra Lazetich. I have tried in every way to find a way to get ahold of her. Her married name is Wattula as you see on our website, and I hoped that she would sign in so I might have the chance to at least write to her and express my regret. At first I was angry that she would believe someone else that I would ever be malicious- but time has mellowed me on that, and I would just like the chance to share my perspective on that seemingly small event that made such a huge change in my life. So if anyone knows where she is or how to get in touch with her, please let her know I would love to have that chance. My email is I will hopefully be able to address this regret and help her see that losing her friendship was a difficult thing. Thanks

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Always a man of few words.. see that has not changed!!! Hope to see you in September.

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Nov 04, 2015 at 6:33 PM

I started third grade at Broadwater and remember spending time playing sports with David, Gary, Jim, Ed, and Bill through the years of grade school  Then we moved on to junior high and high school where it was no longer cool for us to "play" together.  But David remained steady and friendly - I am sorry to read about his death- I thought of him through the years as one very good guy!

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my first attempt to use my phone video camera around our yard in several seasons....

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Pictures are of our dogs Gracie and Stormy... and of the two of us- this pic of me is during my infusions with quite a loss of hair... glad to report- it has come back very nicely... it is true- white women don't always have attractive skulls.... :0)

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