In Memory

Mary Mixon (McCool)

Mary Mixon (McCool)

Mary Mixon McCool, 70, of Ocean Shores, WA, passed away Thursday March 28, 2019.

Mary was born November 8, 1948 to Phares L. "Pete" and Muriel Mixon. She was predeceased by her parents, and by her brother Timothy John Mixon (BHS '65). She is survived by her husband John F. McCool, her daughters Dawn and Kristin, and grandchildren.

The following was contributed by Linda Boyd Ketcham:

(Mary) passed in her sleep at her home in Ocean Shores, Wa., where she lived with her husband, John. Her death was very unexpected and may have been the result of a blood clot following hip replacement surgery. I am told there won't be an obituary. If an obituary is published later I will post it here. I can tell you Mary and I were both new to Billings when we met at Lincoln Jr. High. We became fast friends. Our friends included Dixie Witcher and Marilyn Brown. Mary was also friends with Pat Hitchcock Pedersen. We enjoyed our junior high and high school years. We married men who were friends and who moved us to Seattle when they were hired by Boeing. While raising our families and pursuing careers, we remained friends for many years. When my life changed and I moved to Texas we drifted apart. Mary remained in Washington and eventually settled on the coast. I valued her friendship and I miss her now.